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Nola used to have a home but after 6 years was given up by her former family. She waited two years, was adopted, and a year later was returned to the shelter again! It is truly heartbreaking. Nola fears people she doesn’t know, so needs to wear a muzzle when she’s out on walks. She has a lot of love to give once you gain her trust and we must find her a true forever home as soon as possible!

  • name
  • Nola
  • age
  • 11 years old
  • birth date
  • 08-11-2012
  • gender
  • female
  • size
  • medium
  • color
  • white brown
  • education level
  • Basic education
  • race
  • involved
  • fit to
  • kids, Athletes, People who have already raised a dog in the past

Branche for adoption: Kfar Ruth kennel

The shelter at the entrance to Kfar Ruth (Waze: Let the Animals Live Kfar Ruth). Phone: *3703 Extension 3.

Nola's abandonment