International cat’s day

We are so incredibly proud of this unique project – our cat shelter at Mish’an senior home in Giv’atayim! Come

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Beautiful girl

Remember this beautiful girl? Two months ago, we took Sahara out of a pound, where she was about to be

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When your donation saves lives

When your donation saves lives! Poor Shafshaf got caught in a damn glue trap and was miserable beyond words. It

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Eshkol’s shoe

  Our beloved Eshkol was found with one of his feet tied in a metal wire. With your help in

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Always adopt, never shop!

Always adopt, never shop! Tuki’s video shook the country. Thousands of people responded with rage and couldn’t believe the type

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Adop dont shop

To all the people out there still buying “purebred” dogs, including all the celebrities you see in the photo: when

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Mutual rehabilitation project

For the past 5 years, our amazing mutual rehabilitation project has been taking place at Hermon prison. It is a

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Mish’an for Cats

“Mish’an for Cats” is a first-of-its-kind foster home and adoption center for our rescue cats. This dreamy place is a

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Lilo’s birthday

Dear Michal and Daniel adopted little Lilo from us after she was given up at the age of 12. Every

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From hell to heaven

At the very beginning of their lives they met human evil. Maurizio and Lorenzo had their ears and tails brutally

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A good night sleep

A huge Thank You goes out to Nitai and Danielle Shiff who made an amazing donation of new beds for

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Overpopulation of stray dogs

We continue the work to promote solutions for the problem of overpopulation of stray dogs. The Ministers’ Legislation Committee has

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Saving lives 2021

"Guardian of the Walls"

Help us help them

Ashkelon clinic

Okja rescued

What's 2022 going to look like?