Three weeks of fighting

More than three weeks of fighting and we continue our work for the animals in the south, and since last

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Israeli animals in war

Let the Animals Live CEO Yael Arkin gave an interview about the rescue operations we’re doing these days. We’re taking

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Together. Even in war. For the animals

Our amazing soldiers find them in army bases, lost and confused. We collect them, scan for chips, and return them

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Two heros

When sirens blazed in Ashkelon, with no shelter in the house, Yariv Eliyahu held Ray, his beloved dog of 11

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War zone

Our team are out there non-stop. We’re getting more and more cats and dogs with burns, open wounds, broken limbs,

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War, Day 10

War, Day 10, Let the Animals Live in action Our teams are crossing fure and risking their lives to help

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Ilan was kidnapped by Hamas

Last month, Ilan and Ayala Abrahami adopted Oliver at our shelter Last Saturday, Ilan was kidnapped by Hamas (along with

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Operation food delivery for animals in the sout

Operation food delivery for animals in the south: Four Let the Animals Live vehicles set out to the south full

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The rolling dog

When your donations save lives! Sweet Lassi was found paralyzed! With a complex back fracture, she dragged herself, trying to

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Eshkol’s shoe

  Our beloved Eshkol was found with one of his feet tied in a metal wire. With your help in

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Mutual rehabilitation project

For the past 5 years, our amazing mutual rehabilitation project has been taking place at Hermon prison. It is a

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Mish’an for Cats

“Mish’an for Cats” is a first-of-its-kind foster home and adoption center for our rescue cats. This dreamy place is a

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Saving lives 2021

"Guardian of the Walls"

Help us help them

Ashkelon clinic

Okja rescued

What's 2022 going to look like?