Lilo’s birthday

Dear Michal and Daniel adopted little Lilo from us after she was given up at the age of 12. Every

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Eli’s amazing transformation

Eli’s amazing transformation! Eli got to after severe abuse. One of his legs had been brutally cut off, and he

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Little Moka

Little Moka had been hit by a car and left untreated for far too long. Sadly, due to the neglect

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Chris’ amazing transformation

Screaming in pain, barely able to stand, that was how Chris was found one month ago, and now, you have

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From hell to heaven

At the very beginning of their lives they met human evil. Maurizio and Lorenzo had their ears and tails brutally

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Thank you

180 dogs are wagging their tails to say THANK YOU 🙂 Thanks to your donations, their running courts have been

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Mandy struggled to survive out there. He was found covered in bloody bite wounds. He must have been attacked by

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A good night sleep

A huge Thank You goes out to Nitai and Danielle Shiff who made an amazing donation of new beds for

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With a rope around his neck, shaking uncontrollably, that was how poor Lopez was found. He hadn’t been given any

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From Israel to Canada

From Israel to Canada There are approximately 32,000 roaming dogs in Israel, 60% of which are in the south area.

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State of the Animals in Israel Report 2020-2021

So what is the * real * condition of animals in Israel? You are welcome to read in our Animal

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Overpopulation of stray dogs

We continue the work to promote solutions for the problem of overpopulation of stray dogs. The Ministers’ Legislation Committee has

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Saving lives 2021

"Guardian of the Walls"

Help us help them

Ashkelon clinic

Okja rescued

What's 2022 going to look like?