Sergio’s amazing transformation

When little Sergio was found, he was crying out in pain in a way that broke our hearts. But look

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A little pup sitting in the middle of the desert, crying in pain. Sweet Sergio with found with a rope

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Little Timon

Little Timon dislocated his leg, and despite the extreme pain, this sweetheart wouldn’t stop wagging his tail when he realized

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In the extreme desert heat, bleeding from his head, Julio was found by dear soldiers who took care of him

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His jaw completely crushed, poor Avishai couldn’t even drink. In the extreme heat he became so dehydrated he couldn’t even

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Gabriel dragged himself into a sewage pipe to find shelter from the scorching sun. In agony, with two crushed legs,

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Nir’s amazing transformation

Nir’s amazing transformation is an absolute must see! Nir was found tied in a bush, his body covered in burns.

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No Man’s Dogs

Avi did not survive ☹ Hila is now fighting for her life. The state of dogs in the south of

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State of the Animals in Israel Report 2020-2021

So what is the * real * condition of animals in Israel? You are welcome to read in our Animal

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Trapped in a cesspool

Five dogs trapped in a cesspool, with no chance of getting out by themselves! Three determined activists used rafts, kayaks

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Overpopulation of stray dogs

We continue the work to promote solutions for the problem of overpopulation of stray dogs. The Ministers’ Legislation Committee has

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For the first time

  We visited the Knesset twice this week to speak up for the animals. First, we attended a discussion in

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Saving lives 2021

"Guardian of the Walls"

Help us help them

Ashkelon clinic

Okja rescued

What's 2022 going to look like?