Our Clinics

In order to meet one of the main goals of the association: caring for animals and ensuring quality medical care, the association established a new veterinary clinic for the treatment of animals in 2012. In January 2017, a huge veterinary center was also opened in Ashkelon


Ramat Gan Clinic

The clinic, located in Ramat Gan, has an examination room, equipped with advanced diagnostic equipment (blood lab, digital X-ray room and more), a hospitalization room as well as a fully equipped operating room.

The clinic employs four experienced full-time veterinarians, as well as a large team of veterinary assistants.

Some of the services provided in the clinic:

  1. Comprehensive medical examinations: At all hours of the clinic’s operation, there is at least one veterinarian available to perform a medical examination for the arriving animals. A thorough and comprehensive physical examination, as well as taking detailed history, have crucial importance in diagnosing medical problems, simple or complex.
  2. State-of-the-art blood lab: The examination room has a blood lab, which includes a device for performing a general blood count and a device for performing various chemistry tests in the blood, including kidney functions, liver functions, protein levels, sugar levels, various electrolytes levels and more. The test results are given already at the time of the visit, after about twenty minutes, without the need to send them to an external laboratory. Additional blood tests are sent, as needed, to external laboratories.
  3. X-ray room: Equipped with a digital X-ray device, which gives quality photographs in a matter of minutes.
  4. Operating room: Used for various surgical procedures, among them: spaying/neutering surgeries, removal of masses, amputations, enucleations and more. All surgeries are performed by surgeon veterinarians belonging to the clinic staff (we do not use volunteers to perform the surgeries), with extensive surgical experience. The surgeries in the clinic are performed according to the highest standards, with the utmost concern for the welfare and health of the animals. We take extra care to ensure as safe anesthesia protocols as possible (including gas anesthesia – which is considered the safest anesthetic to use), anesthesia monitoring – a monitor for monitoring respiratory and heart activity, maximum attention to sterility and the provision of post-surgical treatment, with an emphasis on pain relief and antibiotics.
  5. Hospitalization room: Used to hospitalize cases that cannot be treated in the client’s home (cases which demand intravenous infusion, intravenous medication and more). In the hospitalization room is a team of assistants treating the sick animals, according to a treatment page written by the attending physician. It is important to emphasize that the treating staff is in the clinic only during its hours of operation. The clinic does not provide 24-hour medical treatment, and therefore in the hospitalization room it is not possible to admit emergency cases that require 24-hour supervision.
  6. Specialist medicine services: As needed, in complex medical cases, the team of doctors in the clinic is assisted by the best veterinary specialists available on the market, including specialists in internal medicine, neurology, ophthalmology, dermatology, imaging and ultrasound specialists and more. These services are provided only for medical cases treated in the clinic. It is not possible to receive specialist services for ‘external cases’, who have not undergone an orderly diagnosis in our clinic.


Ashkelon Clinic

Structure of the Veterinary Center

The center is divided into two parts:

  1. TNR+L Clinic (Trap, Neuter, Return + Love).
  2. Clinic for vaccinations, treatments and hospitalizations for dogs and cats.


TNR+L Clinic Specifications

  • Hospitalization room for community cats
  • Hospitalization room for domestic cats
  • Hospitalization room for dogs
  • Examination room
  • Preparatory room for surgery
  • Operating room
  • Staff room
  • Warehouse

Treatment Clinic Specifications

  • Reception room
  • Dog waiting Room
  • Cat waiting Room
  • Dog examination room
  • Cat examination room
  • X-ray room
  • Operating room
  • Dog hospitalization room
  • Cat hospitalization room
  • Isolation room
  • Large courtyard


Let the Animals Live – Ramat Gan Clinic

8 Dov Friedman St. Ramat Gan. Tel: 03-6241776 Extension 4

Open Sunday to Thursday 8:00-20:00

Friday 8:00-15:00


Let the Animals Live – Ashkelon Clinic

Borochov street and HaAvoda street corner, Tel: 03-6241776 Extension 7

Waze: Let the Animals Live Ashkelon Veterinary Clinic

Arrival must be arranged by phone

Open Sunday to Thursday 8:00-20:00

Friday 8:00-15:00


Let the Animals Live – Kfar Ruth Clinic

At the entrance to Kfar Ruth, Tel: 03-6241776 Extension 3

Open Sunday to Thursday 8:00-16:00

Friday 8:00-14:00 Saturday 8:00-17:00




Let the Animals Live Clinics

Ramat Gan

8 Dov Friedman St. Tel: 03-6241776 Extension 4

Open Sunday to Thursday 8:00-20:00

Friday 8:00-15:00



Borochov street and HaAvoda street corner, Tel: 03-6241776 Extension 7

Waze: Let the Animals live Ashkelon

Arrival must be arranged by phone

Open Sunday to Thursday 8:00-20:00

Friday 8:00-15:00


Kfar Ruth

At the shelter at the entrance to Kfar Ruth, Tel: 03-6241776 Extension 3

Waze: Let the Animals Live Kfar Ruth

Open Sunday to Thursday 8:00-16:00

Friday 8:00-14:00 Saturday 8:00-17:00


Veterinary clinics that work in cooperation with the association

Ramat Gan

Dr. Alon Shiner

5 Habonim St. Ramat Gan. Tel: 03-7527778

Sunday to Thursday: 09:00-23:00   Friday: 09:00-16:00   Saturday: 17:00-20:00


Tel Aviv

Dr. Yuval Samuel

107 HaHashmonaim St. Tel Aviv. Tel: 03-5660045

Sunday to Thursday: 08:00-21:00   Friday: 08:00-15:00


Tel Aviv

Dr. Maia Barak 21 HaShuk St. Tel Aviv. Tel: 050-7469704


Even Yehuda

Dr. Yariv Rodman

Derech Rabin 1 Even Yehuda. Tel: 09-8992888, Opening hours 8:00 to 20:00



Dr. Sharon Maoz-Navon

Veterinary Clinic, HaAlon 65 Oranit. Tel: 054-4301803



 Dr. Nissim Ariel

1 Irus St., Lev Gedera. Tel: 08-8691758



Carmel Veterinary Center

HaCarmel 19A, Tiv’on. Phone for coordination: 04-9835751 from 09:00


Kfar Saba

Dr. Yuval Samuel

Veterinary Center 24/7, 45 Sheshet Hayamim St. Kfar Saba. Tel: 09-7604345

Sunday to Thursday: 08:00-24:00 Saturday: 10:00-24:00


Kfar Shmaryahu

 Dr. Yuval Samuel

22 HaZorea St. Kfar Shmaryahu

Sunday to Thursday: 19:30-21:00 Friday: 14:30-16:00


Tzur Yigal

Dr. Yuval Samuel

Mitzpe Sapir St. Tzur Yigal. Tel: 09-8326276


Kiryat Bialik

Dr. Assaf Yarom

HaGefen 30 Kiryat Bialik. Tel: 04-8732067

Opening hours: Sun-Thu 10:00-13:00, 16:00-19:00, Fri 10:00-14:00


Kiryat Shmona

Dr. Raanan Refaeli

Kenion Nehemiah, President Street, Kiryat Shmona.

Tel: 04-6941234


Tel Mond

 Dr. Adi Geffen and Dr. Monica Geffen





Saving lives through spaying / neutering

In the State of Israel more than 60,000 healthy dogs are being killed each year. The kennels are packed with cubs growing in cages.

In a country where our best friend is being killed, just because there is no place to pick up new dogs – everyone who loves animals should take part in the fight to stop those killings!

One of the ways is to stop the multiple litters of dogs. There aren’t enough adoptions for hundreds of thousands of dogs, yes, for puppies too!

One litter of your dog causes six more dogs to join the death list, because even if you found a home for six puppies (and between us – it’s not as easy as it looks), six puppies which are waiting in the municipal kennel will be executed. Nobody will come to adopt them.

Take part in the fight to stop the killings in the municipal kennels and spay / neuter your dog today.

Neutering significantly reduces the chances of contracting prostate inflammations and cancerous tumors, as well as helping to mitigate behavioral problems such as aggression.

Spaying significantly reduces the chances of contracting uterine inflammation and udder cancer.

The law gives the owners of spayed and neutered dogs a 50% discount on rabies vaccination fees.

Call today for inquiries about spaying and neutering for your dogs:

03-6241776 Extension 4

A non-spayed female dog goes into heat and gives birth twice a year and a non-neutered male dog, and all their offspring (if not spayed and neutered) will multiply into:

1 year: 16

2 years: 128

3 years: 512

4 years: 2,048

5 years: 12,288

6 years: 67,000

Cats are calculating their end backward?

Over two million cats live, with no choice, on the streets of our country.  From the day they go out into the world, they are exposed to abuse, hunger, thirst and run-overs, without anyone helping them until their death. They breed and with them the abuse and suffering grow.

It’s in our hands. It’s our responsibility to help them and save them from life they didn’t choose.

Every year hundreds of thousands of cats are born and their fate is doomed – spaying and neutering of street cats in the State of Israel is an urgent social need, for their sake and for ours.

Let the Animals Live association promotes a large-scale national campaign to spay and neuter cats in the association’s clinics, including providing professional capture services.

Don’t be left indifferent to their suffering!

Call today to inquire about the spaying and neutering of cats living alongside you, whether in your workplace or where you live:

03-6241776 Extension 4

A non-spayed female cat goes into heat and gives birth twice a year. In each litter an average of 2.8 kittens survives.

She and her offspring will multiply into:

1 Year: 12

2 years: 67

3 years: 376

4 years: 2,107

5 years: 11,8011

6 years: 66,088

7 years: 370,092

8 years: 2,072,514

9 years: 11,606,077

Information about vaccines, sterilization and neutering, park worm, dog and cat diseases and their treatment, can be found in articles written by our veterinary team here