This website is accessible according to the WCEG standard, and significant efforts have been made to adapt the site for users who need assistance to browse.

The site has been made accessible to conform to the AA level.

You can press the accessibility menu located at the top right and choose the option you prefer.

The buttons on the toolbar allow, among other things:

  • To enlarge and reduce the text.
  • To change the text color and background color.
  • A “Highlight Links” button, which adds an underline to all the links on the site.
  • An accessible font button that changes all the texts on the site to the Arial font.

You can navigate the site using the keyboard. With the TAB and SHIFT+TAB keys, you can move between elements.

The site has been tested on the main operating systems and the latest versions of the common browsers and found to be accessible.

When using screen reading software, it is recommended to use the Firefox browser. Firefox can automatically read error messages.

If you find an accessibility issue on the site, you can report it here or on WhatsApp here. It should be emphasized that inquiries about accessibility, WhatsApp provides a response Sunday through Thursday between 9:00 to 16:00.

Accessibility aids at our branches:

At the Kfar Ruth shelter home:

  • Disabled parking
  • An accessible call button at the entrance
  • Accessible path
  • Hearing aid system
  • Accessible counter
  • Disabled services.

Ramat Gan clinic:

  • Disabled parking (based on municipal parking)
  • Accessible entrance path
  • Accessible counter
  • Hearing aid system
  • Toilets under renovation for accessibility

Ashkelon clinic:

  • Disabled parking (based on municipal parking)
  • Accessible entrance
  • Disabled services
  • Hearing aid system

Givatayim cat shelter:

  • Accessibility based on the Mishan nursing home
  • Disabled parking (based on municipal parking)
  • Disabled services on the floor
  • Hearing aid system
  • Accessible entrance to the catteries

This statement was written on: 24.03.26

Accessibility coordinator details:

Name: Batel Ifargan Phone: *3703 extension 6 or by email: [email protected]