About 200 dogs and about 100 cats wait for an adoptive home at the Let the Animals Live Shelter located at the entrance of Kfar Ruth and receive dedicated daily care.

Depending on the needs of the dog, some dogs participate with professional trainers in a training program tailored to each dog.

A professional team of dog handlers and trainers will help you find the dog or cat that will suit your family and home.

Any dog or cat that manages to reach a warm home makes way for another animal that is in distress and needs help.

On site there is also a veterinary clinic that provides medical treatments for animals.


Ways to get to the shelter in Kfar Ruth – (Waze: Let the Animals Live Kfar Ruth)

Drive on Route 1 towards Jerusalem and before Ben-Shemen Interchange, you must integrate with Route 443 (integration into a tunnel). Continue on Route 443 (towards Modiin) to the Shilat junction and then turn left towards Kfar Ruth. After about 100 meters, turn right to Kfar Ruth. About 50 meters after the turn towards Kfar Ruth there is a sign that directs to “Let the Animals Live”, and from there you go down to a dirt road, continue driving until the end of the trail and on the left you will see the shelter.

Operating hours:

Sunday-Thursday 09:00-17:00, Friday and holiday evenings 09:00-14:00, Saturday and holidays 09:00-17:00

Tel: 03-6241776 Extension 3


If you have a place in your heart – you surely have a place at home for them!

All dogs and cats are listed here on the website in the adoption section. The site is updated several times a week. Dogs and cats for adoption can also be found on our Facebook and on our YouTube channel.

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