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Popeye was starved nearly to death. He was found in a state of extreme emaciation, dragging one leg behind him, crying in pain.
He’s been through a long rehabilitation and is now one of the most handsome dogs in the shelter.
But years have passed and Popeye is still waiting for his forever love. He is scared of strangers and has a hard time finding a home.
Popeye is a happy and energetic dog that will shower you with love once he gets to know you.

  • name
  • Popeye
  • age
  • 7 years old
  • birth date
  • 09-03-2017
  • gender
  • male
  • size
  • medium
  • color
  • brown
  • education level
  • Basic education
  • race
  • Belgian shepherd
  • fit to
  • Athletes, People who have already raised a dog in the past

Branche for adoption: Kfar Ruth kennel

The shelter at the entrance to Kfar Ruth (Waze: Let the Animals Live Kfar Ruth). Phone: *3703 Extension 3.

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