How do I report animal cruelty offences?

The authority to investigate and deal with animal cruelty offenses is given primarily to the Ministry of Agriculture – to the Ministry’s Investigations Unit (“The PIZU”H”) and to the ministry’s veterinary services.


How do I report to the PIZU”H?

The call is to the call center– by phone *9096, by email [email protected], or on WhatsApp 0505187720.

Any party that receives a complaint is supposed to forward it to the call center. It is recommended, if it’s a “not urgent” case – contact the call center in writing, while attaching all relevant materials – details, photographs, recordings and, where possible, the complainant’s details.

The call center should give an event number for each complaint. A written complaint should receive a response including a written complaint number.

The call center forwards the appeal to both the officials in the PIZU”H and the Animal Welfare Commissioner in the veterinary services.

You can also contact the commanders of the various districts, whose details appear here.

Please note – you can also contact the police call center. The manner of handling and the nature of the offences, in case the officers do not know, can be found here: “The police handling procedure for Animal Welfare Act offences”.

*The complaint submitted and other details relating to it can also be forwarded to us here, and we will assist as much as possible*


The manner of handling according to the procedure

Investigation – Only the district manager and the supervisor have the authority to decide not to investigate a complaint. The decision is supposed to be forwarded to the complainant, who is permitted to submit an appeal.

After each investigation – only the prosecutor is entitled to decide on the continuation of the criminal treatment.

The seizure of an animal – in cases of real danger to the life or health of an animal, or when there is abuse (“multiple violations of regulations that amount into abuse”). This means that if an animal’s life or health is in danger, it can be confiscated. If the conditions of possession are bad, but there is no direct violence, it is possible to confiscate in case of multiple offenses, or in case the violation is particularly serious.

In a residence, a confiscation will be executed only with a court order.

In cases of abuse, it is advisable to explicitly request the confiscation of the animal as part of the complaint.

Reporting on the investigation

The investigative materials in the case can be requested after the conclusion of its handling (when closing it or filing an indictment). A decision not to prosecute can be appealed. Upon termination of handling of the complaint, the complainant should receive a report.


What are offences under the Animal Welfare Act and regulations?

The specific offenses listed in Section 2 of the Animal Welfare Act – inciting animal to attack another animal, combats, slavery to exhaustion, poisoning not approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, cutting or tattooing live tissue for ornamental purposes, and according to 2A –prohibition of abandonment of an animal.

Offense under Section 2(A) (prohibition of abuse, torture or cruelty) – including killing, causing unjustifiable physical or mental suffering.

Please note: The regulations establish the permitted conditions for the possession of animals for non-agricultural purposes, of transporting animals and poultry, of holding pigs for agriculture, of animal shows and more. Violations of the regulations are violations of the law, but will not in themselves serve as grounds for confiscating an animal (unless they are particularly serious offenses or multiple violations of the regulations).