What to do if you see a horse or donkey harnessed to a cart in the city or on an intercity road?

Regulation 142A of the Traffic Regulations prohibits riding in an animal-harnessed cart in the city or on an intercity road, unless it is riding for recreation or leisure purposes, in an area where it was approved by the local authority.

Therefore, any riding in “Alte Sachen” cart within the city limits or long-distance roads is a violation of Regulation 142A, and an emergency call can be made to phone 100, in order to call a police patrol to the scene (it is also advisable to say explicitly that it is a violation of Regulation 142A of the Traffic Regulations). It is advisable to take a picture of the license number and any other relevant details. If necessary, a complaint can also be filed at the police station itself.

In addition, animal welfare regulations for non-agricultural purposes establish norms for animal slavery, including:

  • The animal must be at least 3 years old.
  • It is forbidden to work a female who cares for an offspring under the age of 30 days.
  • You can’t work a female in the second half of her pregnancy.
  • For every three hours of work, the animal must get 30 minutes of rest.
  • A horse or a mule won’t carry a weight greater than a ton.
  • A donkey won’t carry a weight greater than 500 kilograms.

If a violation of the maintenance regulations is identified, you can contact the authority veterinarian, the veterinary services in the Ministry of Agriculture, or the Investigations Unit of the Ministry of Agriculture (“The PIZU”H”, at *9096).

Of course, you can also update us with any call or complaint and we will follow and help.

You can see here the first case of confiscating a horse that was harnessed to an “Alte Sachen” cart for violating traffic regulations.