3 sweet cats and one mother lioness, lived a quiet and loving life in a small apartment in kibbutz Kfar Aza.
On Saturday, the seventh of October, terrorists broke into the apartment and burned everything.
Amit hid in a closet in the safe room when the terrorists broke in and from there, as you must have seen in the documentation, she was dragged through the fields by 7 armed terrorists.
One brave and amazing woman, in the face of 7 terrorists, did not stop fighting them, until they put her in a car that sped to Gaza.
It was clear to us that before she return, we must find Jinges, Ktana and a Hatul the cats.
55 days Amit was held captive in Gaza and during all this time, we searched for the trio.
When Amit returned, they began to come out of their hiding place.
Only Hatul, unfortunately, probably did not survive the fire.
Katana, Jinges and Amit are now recovering, together after 55 days of hell!
We must bring everyone home now!