We visited the Knesset twice this week to speak up for the animals.

First, we attended a discussion in the education committee regarding a bill proposed by Knesset Member Yasmin Sacks Fridman with our help, to stop the especialy cruel practices in the meat industry, of cutting tails and teeth andneutering piglets without sedation, and of restraining nursing mothers in cages so small they cannot even turn in place. These biils were proposed after the proffessional individuals at the Ministry of Agriculture have been dragging their feet for years, and not promoting the prohibition, despite the fact the research, including research made by the Ministry iteself, has proven these practices to be both cruel and unnecessary!

We spoke of what needs to happen for these practices to be banned – enforcing the animal protection regulations and the minimal condition for the keeping of pigs they already stipulate. For the first time, following pressure that went along the bill (which passed its preliminary reading two months ago), and the positivity emanating from the Minister of Agriculture’s chambers, we’ve heard, along side the usual excuses of proffesionals backing up the breeders that violate the animal protection regulations, of actual steps the Ministry is making to ammend the regulations and ban these cruel practices of restraining nursing mothers and cutting body parts with no sedation.

Of course, it is too early to celebrate, we expect many more difficulties, from the breeders and non-cooperation from various factors, but we will not stop until these bans are in place!