Every week, rain or shine, for many years now, dear Johana has been coming to the shelter to volunteer.
This love story started when Johana came to the shelter to adopt Asi. Asi got to us at the age of 6 months and at the age of 9(!) was adopted by Johana and Amir who already had two other dogs.
Johana’s heart ached for the dogs left behind, and ever since then she has been giving her heart and soul to shower attention on the ones who need it the most, and have been waiting for years.
Johana takes out the most timid dogs, the aggressive ones, she exposes them to the outside world on long walks, shows them the good in people and succeeds in making the most amazing difference.
She is such a huge gift to our dogs and we wish we had more amazing people like her.
Love you Johana and Amir!