Most of the day, they are in their pens, waiting for someone to pick them out of all the other dogs and give them a warm and loving home.
The highlight of their day is their time out in the shelter’s courtyard, where they can soak in the sun, run around, and release all their pent up energy. These yards are vital to their development. To them it means the world, and that is the world we can give them, for now.
Over the years, thousands of dogs have run around these yards, leaving them in such a state that they hardly fulfill their purpose and even pose a danger to the dogs.
We must renovate the existing yard and turn them into the safe, happy place the dogs at the shelter need, but to make that happen we need you!
With your help, we can transform these yards into a real paradise.
Please press the link and support us in giving the dogs the rehabilitating environment they deserve, after everything they’ve been throughh here

Thank you!