We continue the work to promote solutions for the problem of overpopulation of stray dogs.

The Ministers’ Legislation Committee has voted yes on the first proposal made by Knesset Members Sharren Haskel and Yasmin Sacks-Fridman for TNR pilot for stray dogs!

The bill will enable a pilot, by the Ministry of Agriculture and with the cooperation of local authorities, to examine the solution of neutering and vaccinating dogs and returning them to the field. Along with other solutions (like the prohibition of selling and breeding dogs, mendatory spaying, and maintaining cleanliness and sanitation in open areas), this is another tool the state can examine after years of neglect and live shooting at dogs, with tens of thousands of stray dogs still out there.

We thank the Minister of Agriculture Oded Forer and the Minister of Justic Gideon Saar who fought, despite dissinformation regarding the content and purpose of the bill, to promote it to the next step asap!