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Our beloved Luka, with the beautiful, sad eyes, has had her heart crushed and now has a hard time trusting new people. She was adopted as a pup and was returned to the shelter after 4 years at home! When she gets to know you she is loving and affectionate, but after what she’s been through, can also be very nervous. She needs experienced adopters that will mend her broken heart and get all the massive love she has to give.

  • name
  • Luka
  • age
  • 8 years old
  • birth date
  • 08-03-2016
  • gender
  • female
  • size
  • medium
  • color
  • brown
  • education level
  • Basic education
  • race
  • involved
  • fit to
  • Athletes, People who have already raised a dog in the past

Branche for adoption: Kfar Ruth kennel

The shelter at the entrance to Kfar Ruth (Waze: Let the Animals Live Kfar Ruth). Phone: *3703 Extension 3.


Beautiful sad eyes