2023 seems to have stopped on the seventh of October ,but so that we all get strength let’s remember some of the successes we had in 2023:

We received this year thousands of phone calls about animals in distress at the call center and the ambulances went out to rescue 1932 dogs and cats who came to our clinic.
Since the seventh of October we rescue dozens of animals from war zones with the help of soldiers and dear citizens. We rescue Bzik from Kibbutz Zikim and after he was treated and rehabilitated he got adopted to a lovely home.

In 2023 we spayed, vaccinated and neutered 787 dogs and 12,922 cats that will live now a much healthier life.
Our legal department succeeded in closing the death pound in Tzur Moshe after a hard undercover investigation which we held there.
We also managed to save wild animals ,when the court dismissed the plan to a new highway in Jerusalem.
We issued the animals condition report the most comprehensive report ever done on the subject and demanded the police stop using horses in demonstrations.

You were all shocked from Toki’s case that came to us after being used all her life for litters of puppies for sale with your donations we rehabilitated Toki and to our delight this doll is being pampered in a wonderful home.
This year 416 dogs and 274 happy cats were adopted and got lovely homes.

We start a new year but the war continues and we continue to be in the war zones all the time, to distribute bags of food and feed the animals in the north and south and to rescue and locate dogs and cats that were lost to the evacuees.
We held a moving adoption day at the Hostages Square to make the abductees voices heard the ones who love animals and must return to them.

We’ve long known ,only together we will win and only because of your donations and adoptions we can continue being there for them.
We wish 2024 brings them all home.