An important proposition was made by Knesset Members Gila Gamliel and Gabi Laski, which we have been promoting, to ban the use and manufacturing of glue traps.

Glue traps cause the agonizing deaths of mice, rats, lizards hedgehogs, birds, and other small animals (sometimes even kittens), despite the fact that there are humane alternatives, like trap and release cage-traps and other non-harmful means of keeping unwanted animals away. It is time for glue traps to be explicitly banned in Israel!

The bill proposal states: “since there are other cheap and efficient alternatives to glue traps out there, the use of glue traps constitutes a violation of the animal protection law. However, for the law to be effective, it should explicitly ban the use, manufacturing, import, export and selling of glue traps.”

The ban on glue traps has been waiting on the tables of Government offices and Knesset for more than twenty years. It’s time to end this horror now!