Israeli Groups Block Re-Export of Bahijah Animals
Animals Now and Let the Animals Live
The two major animal protection groups in Israel – Let Animals Live and Animals Now – have called on the Ministry of Agriculture in Israel to refuse an import permit that would enable the re-export to Israel of the animals involved in the MV Bahijah debacle.
The Groups, via their legal advocates, have asserted that the Ministry must not approve the import permit for this intended long and dangerous sea voyage from Fremantle to Israel via the Cape of Good Hope. They argue that the circumstances of this intended shipment violate animal welfare, biosecurity, and public health law and regulations in Israel.
Adv Erez Wohl, Let the Animals Live: “This is an untested and risk-laden journey that cannot be justified. These animals have already suffered 40 days at sea after sending them off into a conflict zone. To reload them and send them around the Cape of Good Hope would be the height of inhumanity.”
“The Cape of Good Hope is notorious for its turbulent seas. Just imagine for a moment these cattle and sheep being tossed about on a vessel in the open ocean. It’s time for common sense and human decency to prevail and for the welfare of these animals to be protected.”
Yesterday, the Groups have put the Chief Veterinarian for Import and Export at the Ministry of Agriculture on notice that the import permit must be rejected. The animal welfare, biosecurity, and public health issues are significant and contrary to Israeli law and regulations. The Groups have requested an urgent response from the Ministry and are currently considering their options for next steps.